Get Involved!

Rutgers SWE meets Tuesday nights at 7pm in room 174 at Busch Student Center, and welcomes all students! There are also some great opportunities within SWE at a national level. 

Scroll down for some more information, on how you can get involved with our chapter at Rutgers, or click below to sign up for a national SWE membership!

National SWE Membership Page

Perks of being a National SWE  Member

  • Eligibility for scholarships. More than $800,000 is awarded each year.
  • SWE Career Center for internship and full-time employment search and career planning.
  • Discounted registration to SWE Annual and Local Conferences.
  • An opportunity to develop your leadership and management skills.
  • Live professional development webinars that are also available as replays.
  • Annual subscription to the award-winning SWE Magazine.
  • And more!


Involvement in SWE does not end after graduation. We maintain a strong connection with the Rutgers SWE alumni through networking socials and an Alumni Banquet, where job opportunities and friendships with the alumni are made. With a clear sense of SWE's past endeavors and guidance from our alumni network, we can create events geared toward furthering our members in their engineering discipline, and generating interest in STEM for young women.

Networking Social & Panel 

SWE welcomed their beloved alumni back to star in the Alumni Networking Social and Panel. This friendly bunch showed a vast amount of diversity in their experiences and passions. The night started off with a networking social, which gave the alumni time to unwind from work over appetizers and the company of our SWE members, and then went on to the advice- and laughter-filled panel! There was still so much to say and ask after the panel, so the night continued on to a dinner at Stuff Yer Face. The advice and insight from the alumni will definitely strengthen and inspire SWE's endeavors! 

The Alumni Banquet 

The SWE alumni and current members came together again for a night of good food and company at the first Alumni Banquet! SWE's accomplishments throughout the years were celebrated, and goals for success in upcoming years have been made, powered by words of encouragement from the alumni. Food such as penne vodka, spaghetti, roasted chicken, and eggplant parmesan were served, including gourmet carrot and chocolate cakes! SWE apparel from recent years were raffled out as well, which stirred up excitement and competition among the alumni.

High School Students

Unfortunately, there is no SWE section for high school students. However, you can take the initiative and get involved in our informative high school programs before college! 

Every year, SWE invites high schools in the area to Rutgers for fun filled events. In addition, every year SWE invites all females accepted to the School of Engineering to SWE Night, where they can learn about what SWE has to offer while also meeting their potential classmates.

SWE Night 

The Society of Women Engineers at Rutgers University enjoys spreading the word about engineering and its benefits to as many people as possible. We understand committing to a college is a very scary thing to do as a high school senior, especially in the School of Engineering, so we give prospective students a taste of college life as an engineer through SWE Night! Prospective female engineering students join us in a night of fun with activities and presentations on what to expect in the Fall. Then the girls get paired off with a member in SWE and sleep over their on-campus dorm or apartment. If you're on the fence about committing to Rutgers, this is a good night to find out if our school is right for you!


"SWE Night really helped me find out if Rutgers was the right choice for me! Now I am in my Junior year at Rutgers and still involved with SWE! I love it!" 
"The girls of SWE were really inviting and I had a great time. I'm excited to give prospective students the warmth and welcome I received when I was in their position." 
"Although I didn't end up attending Rutgers, I had an amazing time at SWE Night, and it encouraged me to find the SWE Section of the college I did commit to."