Our Mission

Rutgers SWE is a community that strives to consistently promote diversity in an inclusive environment, enabling its members to achieve their full potentials in careers as engineers and leaders, while upholding our core pillars of professional development, community, outreach, and mentorship to ensure the respect of everyone’s individual, personal, and career choices.

Board Members

Faculty Advisor

Candiece White


Alisha Zhu

Internal Vice President

Crystal Holmes

External Vice President

Maria Galkin


Taqiya Ehsan


Belinda Wong

Industry Mentorship Chair

Julia Orlowski

Alumni Relations Chair

Mira Yin

STEM Outreach Chair

Anusri Arora

Fundraising Chair

Anushka Pathak

Community Service Chair

Anisha Jackson

Public Relations Chair

Rudrani Ghosh

Digital Media Chair

Ritika Rao

Advocacy Chair

Megha Senthil

Engineering Governing Council Representative

Carina Manek

Male Representative

Matthew Prebola

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